Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hello there strange blogger world....

Ok, so I'm gonna blog.  
Someone suggested that a good way of getting all those annoying little thoughts out of your head and therefore lessen your stress, is to write them all down.  Well I have a lot of thoughts.  Some of them normal, some of them totally useless and random.  But I am a very stressy person and I have just undertaken the task of trying to chill out.  Ha!
My life isn't amazing, far from it. I'm 32, married and a Mum to a lovely little 4 year old girl.  We live in a cute little house in a nice town, my Husband works a good job and I have been taking a year out of employment to be with my Daughter before she starts school. But I still manage to stress and worry about all the little details encased in that life...my Daughter, my marriage, money, the house, the dog...and it goes on and on.  On top of all this I swear I am having a early mid life crisis.  Where do I fit in the world, have I done enough with my life so far, what happens when we die, should I change my career and so on. Blah blah blah.  I'm obviously programmed to be a worrier, it must be in my genes...I asked my Hubby once, "What do you think about when you go to sleep at night?" Fair enough question I thought. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing.  Its just black. And then I fall asleep!" 
Oh to be able to have that silence in my little head.  "Did I feed the hamster? God, the hamster' gonna be dead in the morning! Is the outside light switched off? Will it cause a fire? What am I going to wear on a night out in two weeks? When did I get fat? I'm not going to be able to find anything to wear!!! Is Isabella going to be ok at school? Will she ask to go the toilet?  I must get Angel's vaccinations sorted, parvo is rife at the minute. God, she was rather quiet this evening! Oh no,the dog's got parvo! What is parvo? Can humans get it? God, we're all going to die from parvo? No, more likely to die from the lack of vegetables in our diet. I should feed Isabella more vegetables. I bet her school summon me in for sending her there emaciated. Or could she be destined for childhood obesity? She does eat a lot of chocolate! Argh!!!!" And that's three minutes in my head...jeez.
Sooooooooo, maybe writing about these worries, getting them down on paper, well laptop, will grant me some serenity in my head.....maybe!


  1. Great start to your blog. You should write a book girl! You have the talent for it. I know what you mean about stressing over every little thing before bed. I think I get up at least 3 times to check on things that I forgot to do before I actually lie down and fall asleep!

  2. Thanks ever so much! Yes, I think we share a lot more with our fellow people than we think.. we're never alone in our weirdness! Lol. Feel free to follow my blog though - feedback will always be appreciated! Kxxx